Download 360 Total Security for PC 2023

Total Security is one of the most powerful Softwares that have the trust of millions of users in the field of protecting Windows from multiple security errors, which include viruses, Trojans and Trojan horses. The application is light on system resources so that it does not affect the RAM and processor throughout the period of use.

continuous check The Software checks around the clock all files circulating on Windows, including those that you transfer from external sources, the flash disk or the memory card.

hard drive cleaning 360 Total Security offers some additional roles besides strong system protection where it can clean the system from all the redundant files that may be an obvious reason behind slowing down Windows. Files that are deleted include temporary files and storage data that browsers generate.

improve the performance The Software also contains a system accelerator tool where you can manage add-ons and also speed up the boot by stopping the applications that automatically boot with the system.

Download 360 Total Security for PC 2023

Wi-Fi check 360 Total Security also checks the Wi-Fi points that you connect to to make sure that they are safe and do not threaten the security of your system in order to ensure the best Internet use experience.

Sandbox Tool : You can run suspicious applications in a separate box from the system so the threats will remain separate from your system and isolated in the Sandbox.

Program size: 87.8 MB
Publisher: Beijing Qihu Keji Co.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

Download 360 Total Security

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