Download AllPlayer 2023 video player for PC for free

AllPlayer is one of the powerful media players that comes with an integrated codec that allows support for various types of video, audio and movie formats so that you do not need to download codecs in order to play, and it is also characterized by its lightness on the system as it consumes moderate resources, which makes it a suitable choice for high-end computers Medium and modest, and it should be noted that AllPlayer also helps you play high-quality media from multiple sources, flash disks, CDs, as well as memory cards.

You can import files to run them from the drag and drop feature, or use the Windows browser, which helps you discover the hard files completely, with the possibility of using the search engine to access the files based on the name of the file.
High quality support

Download AllPlayer 2023 video player for PC for free

The player is capable of playing high-quality videos with high efficiency 4K, UHD, which means that you will not find problems or delays in the process of playing the clips, and this allows you to enjoy watching in a unique and distinctive way.

The Software offers full compatibility with the ability to run subtitle files accompanying movies and can be downloaded from specialized sites in the field and run with movies, in addition to the possibility of controlling the size and color of the text accompanying the translation.

Download AllPlayer 2023 video player for PC for free

AllPlayer allows you to give commands through the keyboard, where you can enlarge and reduce the screen or take clips from the movie and save them to the hard disk quite easily, in addition to increasing and decreasing the volume.
video control

During the process of playing videos and movies, the Software gives you the authority to control the colors and brightness and also apply some effects to the video. All these operations help you clarify the image and make the video brighter and clearer.
Automatic shutdown of the computer

If your computer is far from where you lie and you want to shut it down without getting up, you can activate the automatic shutdown option that takes place immediately after watching the movie.

Program size: 224 MB
Publisher: allplayer.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

Download AllPlayer

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