Download AllPlayer Media Player for PC 2023

AllPlayer is an excellent choice in the field of multimedia playback, as it is compatible with a large number of media types, including videos, movies, and audios.

With AllPlayer, you will not need to install an additional codec, as the encodings that the application comes with are capable of supporting all files that you download from the Internet or transfer from storage media such as memory cards or flash disks.

One of the great features of the application is its ability to run subtitle files accompanying movies, where you will be able to seamlessly download separate subtitle files from specialized sites in the field and easily integrate them with the movie you want to watch. You can also control text properties such as enlarging the text or changing its color.

The Software is small in size, in addition to its low consumption of resources, which makes it a great choice for users who have medium or modest computers, in addition to the application's presentation of its tools in a less interface with what is said to be easy to use.

Download AllPlayer Media Player for PC 2023
The Software gives you the ability to adjust playback from keyboard shortcuts and can be accessed through the settings and customized to serve your aspirations. In addition, you can use the virtual buttons in the player such as acceleration, override, volume increase and decrease.

Additional features included in AllPlayer include video control and video playback, including color, brightness, and contrast adjustments, as well as the ability to rotate them in all directions and some other additional adjustments.
Features AllPlayer
Play all kinds of media, including videos and movies.
Support subtitle files for movies with text control.
The possibility of downloading some types of codecs to expand the scope of support.
Light on resources as consumption remains limited and minimal.
The ability to use keyboard shortcuts.
Do some customizations on the videos such as scaling and changing the brightness.

Program size: 224 MB
Publisher: AllPlayer.
Program compatibility: Windows 7/8/10
License: Complimentary

Download AllPlayer

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