Download Antivirus for Android 2023 ESET Mobile Security

 ESET Mobile Security is an effective application that protects your device from various security threats that may infect and tamper with your system, as it has enough experience to identify all kinds of viruses, Trojans and Trojans for the Android system in particular, where you can scan all files stored in the private storage space Your device and memory cards, and if there are harmful files, they will be dealt with strictly by deleting them permanently and not leaving any traces of them on the phone.

This antivirus analyzes all accessed web pages, as some of them may contain malicious codes that may allow viruses to penetrate into your phone or tablet without you realizing it, which may lead to problems that you are indispensable, and the application also blocks websites Phishing, whose goal is to steal personal and bank accounts, as it has advanced techniques that work in the field of monitoring and tracking, and thus detecting this type of malicious website.

Download Antivirus for Android 2023 ESET Mobile Security

Download Antivirus for Android 2023 ESET Mobile Security for free

This application provides some features that are worth mentioning, including checking the e-mail to ensure the validity of the attachments and links in the e-mails. Hackers are using methods that help them to spy on users directly as they can see all the sites that subscribers are browsing.

The matter may amount to data theft by diverting users to fake pages through the Internet. Therefore, the application provides integrated protection based on automatic encryption of information so that the Wi-Fi point is used without concern, in addition to that, there are additional features, including self-checking of applications that are installed on your device. As some of them may install it hidden without your knowledge, and this may put you at risk. To sum up, ESET Mobile Security will provide you with security features for your Android device as it provides integrated protection throughout use.

Features of ESET Mobile Security

It provides you complete protection from phishing sites.
It scans all stored files and applications.
It has a database that allows it to identify various malicious files.
It encrypts data while connected to a public Wi-Fi network.
Provides the ability to block harmful and annoying ads Softwares.
It is light on Android so that it consumes a reasonable amount of resources.
Protect applications and tools using a password or fingerprint.
It provides you with a comprehensive knowledge of the tools used by the applications.
Access to the location of your phone in case it is lost or stolen.

Program size: 29.0 MB
Publisher: ESET.
Program compatibility: Android 4.1 and later
License: Complimentary 

Download ESET Mobile Security

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