Download AppLock for Android 2023 latest version

The AppLock Software remains one of the most important applications that preserves the privacy of the user greatly by limiting the applications installed on the Android system, which prevents intruders from accessing information and messages as well as images in the phone’s photo galleries, and the application can also close the most sensitive applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook Facebook, etc., and more. Protect your phone from tampering with it by locking the settings menu of the Android system.

The Software works to protect access to applications through a password that you set or the use of a specific pattern, leading to the possibility of using a fingerprint.

The App Lock Software contains many important settings and customizations that can be modified to suit your desires and needs, as you will be able to easily set the time period for closing, for example, 5 minutes or a minute, and the duration can be customized to suit your aspirations.

Download AppLock for Android 2023 latest version

AppLock offers a large number of themes and templates for the lock screen, where you can customize the appearance and switch between the available themes effectively and directly so that you do not get bored of the application's interface.

Moreover, App Lock comes with leading technologies in the field, including the technique of stopping the shutdown and uninstalling so that the application does not stop working in various available and known ways, which means complete protection for the lock and protection process. In the event that you want to cancel its installation, you will have to enter your password, in The end of what can be said is that the AppLock Software is the most important application that we recommend to Android users because of its vital and important role in protecting privacy and locking applications that you consider sensitive and do not want to access them in one way or another.
Features of AppLock AppLock Features AppLock
Prevent intruders from accessing any Software you want.
You can set several techniques including fingerprint and pattern.
Protect the application from forced closing or uninstallation.
You can change the default look of the lock screen.
If you forget the password, it can be easily retrieved.
Easy to use as well as support for various languages.
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Program size: 26.4 MB
Publisher: DoMobile Lab.
Program compatibility: Android 5.0 and later
License: Complimentary

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