Download AppLock for Android 2023 latest version

Maintaining privacy is something that many users focus on, as it helps them maintain the confidentiality of data such as personal photos and sensitive documents, in addition to conversations. For this, we will provide you with AppLock, which works to help you close any application that you want installed on your phone, for example, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, photo viewer, and other Softwares that you can lock in access through simple steps, giving you more privacy.

Moreover, you can close access to the phone’s settings, and this is useful in the event that you extend your phone to your brothers or children and are afraid that the settings will be modified and sabotaged, which may cause some problems for the Android system. Enter the password or pattern that you set previously.

Download AppLock for Android 2023 latest version

App Lock comes with an elegant graphic interface that supports smoothness in the transition and does not contain complications, which makes it suitable for all users. It also supports many international languages, including replaces, English and Spanish, which helps you to know the characteristics and tools of the application in a deeper way. It can be uninstalled only by entering the password that was set.

The application provides you with some control features in the application, where you can set the time period after which the phone is turned off in the idle state and you can set the duration in seconds or minutes according to your own needs, and also includes a manual closing tool for the applications that you have previously selected. Additional features include the ability to prevent cancellation Your important applications will run smoothly, giving you more control over your phone, and you will not have to worry about your children borrowing the phone and deleting Softwares.
Features AppLock to close applications Features AppLock
Protect your privacy on apps.
Prevent access to certain applications except through the password.
Allows you to use your fingerprint to protect Softwares.
It protects itself from being uninstalled by the user.
No more worry about borrowing your phone from your children.
You can prevent the uninstallation of any application you want.

Program size: 26.8 MB
Publisher: DoMobile Lab.
Program compatibility: Android systems
License: Complimentary

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