Download AquaSnap Desktop 1.23

Download AquaSnap Desktop 1.23Aero Snap has launched the wonderful Software AquaSnap, which is distinguished by its light weight, small size, compatible with all different versions of Windows, ease of use, simple interface, and designed to help you work more efficiently when dealing with multiple Windows applications, the ability to arrange multiple windows on the desktop, and the ability to add transparency to selected windows so that you can view The content written under it by vibrating the selected window with control of adjusting the degree and sensitivity of the windows to make the desktop look more beautiful and wonderful than before.

Download AquaSnap Desktop 1.23
Download AquaSnap Desktop Window Arrangement Program
The Aqua Snap Software has won the admiration of multiple Windows users. When you open the Software icon and choose the AquaSnap mode (Advanced, the windows are arranged on the edges or corners of the desktop and the ability to change the dimensions, length and width of different icons with the ability to drag and insert windows in the appropriate place for it, which is a wonderful and free Software available for all versions Windows and the use of the mouse has been fixed to make short cuts for pictures and arrange files easily. The translation has been added to the Chinese language and the translation has been updated in general. It is an important and necessary Software for arranging windows on the desktop and setting important windows at the top of the desktop or sudden windows in the corners of the desktop.

In the new version of the Software, some features and common errors have been updated, including returning the Software to its default settings, and it will appear after restarting the Software.

Developer: Nurgo Software
The Software's official website
Program size: 3.77 Megabyte
Software license: Free
Category : Computer Software, Computer Software
Download AquaSnap

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