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Some users of Android phones suffer from problems with the storage memory, as this may lead to an unbearable slowdown in the system, in addition to difficulty in installing applications from stores such as Google Play and others, for this we present to you this leading Software in the field from Ashampoo, which has a great reputation for global level.

The Android cleaning application performs a full examination of the files stored on the phone memory and filters them based on accurate criteria, which leads to targeting all the excess and accumulated files and remnants of Softwares that were installed on your phone.

After completing the scanning process, the application will show all the extra files with their approximate size that it takes in the phone memory, then you can click on the clean button and the Ashampoo Android Software will delete them completely and immediately.

The Software not only provides a cleaning service, but also takes us far to offer other additional tools, one of which is a power-saving tool, where the latter works to solve the problem of battery depletion quickly and provides you with the best solutions to confront this problem.

As for the other tools available, a privacy protection tool where you can smoothly delete all temporary files and detect malware that asks for some suspicious permissions so that your Android system is not exposed to sabotage or hacking in the worst case.

Ashampoo Droid Optimizer is an application available for Android systems whose main function is to help users improve performance and boost system speed significantly. Through it, you will also be able to solve the problem of full storage space where you can, through a few steps, get rid of all the extra files in your phone and also delete unwanted applications It is completely and completely.

The Android acceleration Software gives you an automatic scheduling service so that the latter works automatically without your intervention, and this will save a lot of time in performing the task manually, and the scheduling can be set based on a specific time in the week or even on a daily basis.
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Features offered by Ashampoo Droid Optimizer
Battery conservation

Through the feature, you can save energy resources and make your phone not need to be charged for as long as possible, and you can also activate the Good Night mode, which temporarily stops some services that consume energy resources.
Preserve your privacy

While browsing websites, a lot of temporary files and records that remain in your phone are generated, and this may make some untrusted applications access that data to spy on you and track the traces of your use. This is why a tool was designed in this application whose function is to delete those files.
stop apps

With one click, you can stop all the processes and applications that are running in the background, and this means that you can immediately restore the lightness of your phone.
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stats about memory

Ashampoo Droid Optimizer shows you a comprehensive set of stats about your storage memory, stored files, and apps that are consuming a lot of storage space.

Program management

Access the list of applications installed on your phone with all the information listed next to each application and provide tools to uninstall so that you can remove unwanted software.
large files

The Software helps you to know deeper about the storage space and large files that take up a large amount of your phone's memory to deal with and in case you are unwilling to save storage space.
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Program information Boost and improve the performance of Android Ashampoo Droid Optimizer

Software version: 4.2.2

Program size: 12.7 MB
Publisher: Ashampoo GmbH.
Program compatibility: Android
License: Complimentary

Download Ashampoo Droid Optimizer Download Ashampoo Droid Optimizer

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