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If you are looking to download the best browser for the computer, in this article, God willing, we will present a comparison of the 10 best computer browsers currently available, and we will learn about the features of each browser and the unique tools that it provides us in the same way that we learned about the best free screen recording software for computer that can be used, As well as the best free design software alternative to Photoshop. If you are looking to download a fast and modern browser for PC, you can choose one of the recommendations in this list; You won't find another better computer browser than them.

1- Firefox browser

Download a fast and modern browser for PC

- The first browser with us in the list of the best browser for the computer is Firefox. Firefox is the best fast and secure browser for weak computer and medium devices, it does not need large resources, especially RAM in order to run smoothly and load websites quickly.

The Firefox browser is built with a different system than Chromium browsers such as Brave, Edge, and others. It is considered a direct competitor to these browsers for providing a different browsing structure that is characterized by lightness and speed. The browser is also distinguished by its preservation of user privacy; It prevents trackers used by websites from collecting your data.

Firefox also offers the Monitor tool, which is one of the best tools out there. Through this tool, you can get an alert if your information such as the password for one of your online accounts is leaked, so that you update your data to avoid the theft of your online accounts. Many features provided by Firefox browser; Let's get acquainted with the most prominent ones.

Firefox Browser Features

  1. Fast, light, easy to use browser
  2. Prevents trackers from spying on you and protects your privacy
  3. It contains a VPN tool by default that may be available soon for Arab countries
  4. Supports Windows, Mac and Linux devices, as well as Android phones as well as iOS
  5. Provides a leak monitoring tool to alert you if your data has been leaked on the web
  6. It offers Pocket tool which is specially designed to isolate Facebook and prevent it from spying on you
  7. There are a huge number of extensions on the browser market, and most Chrome extensions have an alternative
  8. Provides a great Relay tool that allows to use a fake email for your account to prevent spam emails

Disadvantages of Firefox Browser

  • Does not support resuming browser downloads
  • Sometimes there are problems with the compatibility of some sites with the browser
  • Compared to other browsers, Firefox is not the fastest browser

2- Brave Browser

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- Personally; I consider Brave Browser to be the best browser for PC without a doubt in terms of speed and security. The development of this browser was initiated by the German-American Softwaremer "Brendan Eich", the creator of the JavaScript language and the founder of Mozilla, the owner of the famous Firefox browser.

The Brave browser is built on the kernel of the Chrome browser owned by Google, which makes it compatible with Chrome extensions and can be used on it. Brave is also the fastest computer browser that you can use, and it is currently used by more than 50 million people per month.

Brave Browser Features

  1. Free, secure and open source browser
  2. Automatically blocks harmful ads
  3. The fastest browser for the computer and supports the replaces language
  4. Also available on Android and iPhone and supports sync
  5. Blocks bots to protect users' privacy
  6. Supports browsing through the Tor network to hide identity and bypass blocking sites
  7. Brave Browser can be downloaded on Linux and Mac as well as Windows

Disadvantages of Brave Browser

  • Sometimes there are some problems with the sync process
  • Total ad blocking hurts content creators and publishers
  • Browsers based on the Chrome kernel consume a large portion of RAM
  • The browser provides a special advertising system, and the Software is overloaded with special tools for digital currencies

3- Edge browser

Download a new and fast browser for PC
Edge browser is one of the browsers that has gained great popularity in recent months, specifically after Microsoft abandoned its old Internet Explorer browser and used the Chrome kernel to build the browser again, and the company started building its own store of add-ons that can be installed on the browser. Adding fast loading Softwares such as the IDM extension that you can add directly from the Edge browser, and in my experience of the browser, it should have been on the list of the best browser for the computer this year.

Edge browser also provides an “Efficiency Mode” feature that can be used to optimize the use of device resources, and this feature is very useful especially for laptops, as it helps to save energy. If you want to download a fast and modern browser for your computer, you should try this browser.

Edge browser features

  1. Lightweight and easy to use browser
  2. Compatible with Chrome browser extensions and can be used on it
  3. Provides a feature to take a screenshot of the web page automatically
  4. It provides the feature of dividing tabs and distributing them to different groups
  5. Available on iPhone, Android, Mac, and of course Windows, and supports syncing between devices
  6. Provides Immersive Reader feature that allows only web page content to be displayed for easier reading

Disadvantages of Edge browser

  • Not available on Linux
  • Compulsory on Windows
  • Difficulty removing it as the default browser or deleting it from the computer
  • Slightly slow to load web pages with dense content

4- Vivaldi Browser

The world's fastest internet browser for downloading

Vivaldi Browser is the undisputed best browser for PC in terms of design and user interface quality. This browser has not gained much fame in the Arab world so far; Despite the great possibilities offered by this Software. You can customize and modify each part of the browser to suit your use.

Vivaldi browser is built on the Chromium kernel, and its developers are the developers of the famous Opera browser. The browser has built-in tools to block annoying ads, trackers, and spy on users. If you are a fan of customizing and adjusting Softwares according to the nature of your use; Vivaldi Browser is the best browser for you.

Vivaldi Browser Features

  1. The best browser in terms of design
  2. Easily customize the user interface
  3. It has tools to block ads and spyware
  4. Easily organize tabs and put them in different groups
  5. Available on Windows, Mac, Link, as well as Android phones
  6. It provides a lot of great themes with different designs and colors that can be
  7. Provides a text translation tool on the browser to translate any text directly
  8. Contains a tool to take notes or quote text from a site and save it
  9. You can take a screenshot of websites via the browser with one click

Disadvantages of Vivaldi Browser

  • Does not support iOS phones
  • Does not support replaces language

5- Opera GX browser

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The next browser on this list is Opera GX, which is very special and unique. This browser is the lightest browser for PC; It is designed for gamers so that they can play and enjoy browsing platforms such as Twitch as well as Discord, among others. Of course, this browser is an upgraded version of the Opera browser for a different use and better features.

- The most important features of the Opera GX browser is the ability to customize the amount of hardware that the browser can consume; In addition to internet data. The browser also provides a VPN tool that eliminates the need to download a VPN for the computer in order to bypass the blocking of websites.

Features of Opera GX Browser

  1. The lightest browser for PC
  2. Free browser supports replaces language
  3. You can customize browser-specific RGB colors
  4. It is built on the Chromium kernel and supports all Chrome extensions
  5. Allows the user to control the amount of hardware consumed
  6. Contains blocking ads and tracking software on websites
  7. Provides the ability to use Discord, Messenger, Twitch applications through it
  8. Fabulous browser design in terms of user interface and available themes
  9. Provides the ability to watch the video floating while browsing other sites without conflict

Disadvantages of Opera GX Browser

  • It takes time to get used to using the browser
  • Take some time to customize the browser according to your usage

6- Chrome browser

Download a fast and modern browser for PC

- Chrome browser used to be the best browser for the computer for a long time, although it has the largest share in terms of the number of users; But it is not the best browser anymore, as browsers such as Brave and Edge have surpassed it in terms of providing a better user experience; Although they both use the same Chrome browser kernel.

Chrome browser features

  1. Provides fast browsing of websites
  2. Available on all devices and operating systems
  3. Simple browser, easy to use, supports replaces language
  4. The text translation feature is built into the browser automatically
  5. It has the largest market for browser extensions that you can take advantage of for free

Disadvantages of Chrome browser

  • Excessive consumption of hardware
  • Little possibility to customize the browser
  • It consumes a lot of power on laptops
  • The browser has suffered from a lot of security vulnerabilities recently
  • Not the best browser in terms of protecting users' privacy

7- Tor Browser

- The last browser with us in the list of the best browsers for the computer is the famous Tor browser. This browser is not like previous browsers; It differs in terms of the nature of the work and the purpose of use. In short, Tor Browser is a Software based on the Firefox browser; But it does come with an extra thing, which is that all communication through it is done over the TOR network.

- The Tor network is a network that encrypts communications by passing them through more than one server around the world to make them difficult to trace; That is why this browser is considered the most important tool for entering the deep web or the Deep Web.
Having the Tor browser on your computer is one of the good things, and it is not a substitute for previous browsers, but rather a complement to any browser you choose, where you can use it to open blocked sites and hide your identity on the Internet. You can review the following article to learn more about the Tor browser and watch the video at the beginning of the paragraph.

Tor Browser Features

  1. Free, open source, replaces browser
  2. Provides the ability to bypass blocking and open blocked sites
  3. Provides better encryption and protection than VPN services
  4. Hide your private internet address and browse anonymously
  5. The browser provides a set of security tools that are built into the browser itself
  6. A secure browser, which does not collect any information about the user or their web activity

Disadvantages of Tor Browser

  • Sites take longer to load due to encryption processes
  • Not suitable for normal browsing and accessing your accounts on websites
  • Some sites recognize and block Tor connections as malicious connections

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