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One of the sites we want to register with may require attaching some documents and uploading them. In the past, we used dedicated devices, but with the digital development, we are able to scan any document professionally, almost similar to the dedicated devices. For help, we offer you the best Android applications in the field of document scanning and imaging with high quality so that you can Use it and upload it to websites or print it again via the printer.

Cam Scanner is a professional application that helps users to scan documents digitally and convert them into electronic documents by cloning the text and images in the forms.

CamScanner remains one of the best options in terms of quality of services, ease of execution of operations, and gives the green light to scan a lot of existing pages, whether on documents for forms, contracts, etc. One of its wonderful features is the quality of the graphics, as it gives you the best possible quality in the scanned images, as if you had used a device dedicated for this purpose, and this explains the success of the application and the users' demand for its services.Photocopying of documents

The application gives the ability to save documents that have been scanned by the phone’s camera in more than one format, including JPG, PNG and also PDF, which makes the possibility of editing them later on, and you are free to save the scanned document or share it directly on chat Softwares on WhatsApp App or Messenger, for example, and you can also upload it to cloud storage services.

Cam Scanner also provides powerful options and tools, including the ability to add comments and textual explanations to documents, and it can also be protected using a strong password to prevent access by intruders, in addition to that, the application contains some techniques that improve and enhance the appearance of digital documents after a process Scanning includes improving brightness and brightness and cutting unwanted edges.

CamScanner software uses

The most prominent use of the application remains to scan documents as well as official documents such as identity card, passport, etc. It can also be used to scan old photos and save them on your phone in order to keep or share them, and the application gives you customized settings according to the type of document you want to scan and photograph.


The feature is the best that can be obtained in the CamScanner application, as it will help you focus on the letters and recognize them, which allows not to waste the quality of text and images, and capture documents as best as possible. Use the export feature as a text file and you can edit it later.

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printer and fax

CamScanner Software offers the feature of printing via the phone. It is enough to synchronize it with the printer via Wi-Fi or through other synchronization techniques so that you can directly without the need to transfer the document to a flash disk or a computer to be printed. All you have to do is choose the print button, choose the printer, and then print, as Scanner for Android supports the ability to share via fax to more than 30 countries around the world.


Email me

In the event that you want to submit a request supported by documents such as invoices or receipts, you will be able to do so immediately after the scanning process, as the file is exported based on the appropriate accepted format for attachments to the email, and all this is done from the application’s own interface, and another method can also be used, which is to upload the file On one of the cloud storage services and share the direct link of the document to the e-mail.

CamScanner features Features CamScanner

  • Scan all types of documents without exception.
  • The ability to save scanned documents in more than one format.
  • Support instant sharing of generated documents.
  • Customize a strong password to protect private documents.
  • Automatic improvement of the appearance of texts and documents.
  • Focus on the margin in documents to give the best possible performance.
  • Send scanned documents directly by fax.
  • Insert watermark or text comment on documents.
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Information about CamScanner software

Software version:
Program size:110 MB
Publisher:CamSoft Information.
Program compatibility: Android 5.0 and later

Download CamScanner Download CamScanner

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