Download Comodo Dragon 2023 for PC

Comodo Dragon is a free browser based on the Chromium code, and this explains the great similarity between it and Google Chrome. View all your favorite websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and various news sites. You can also watch videos on YouTube, Dailymotion, and others.

The web browser records all the sites that you visit continuously and works to help you access them very smoothly. It also includes a search engine that can be switched as desired to Google, Bing or Yahoo through the engine. You can access topics, articles, and multiple web pages. The browser helps you in Preserve your privacy by deleting all traces with one click, such as website logs, cookies and registered passwords.

Download Comodo Dragon 2023 for PC

The world of the Internet is a wide space that allows users to communicate with each other and see information and the latest developments in the world, and there are some hackers who steal data by including some web pages with malicious content that may help them access your personal information and bank accounts, and they also create fake pages To steal your data and use it for various purposes, Comodo Dragon has enough capabilities and tools to block various types of malicious websites.

The Software’s strengths are manifested in the tools that are provided for the benefit of the user, including the availability of a download manager that allows you to download all files such as videos and movies, as well as documents at high speed from the Internet and save them on the hard disk for later use, and also includes additional advantages, including the feature of sharing content on sites Social networking through the built-in toolbar, to sum up, Komodo Dragon is a well-known browser that offers many features and add-ons that greatly help in fast and secure browsing.

Features Comodo Dragon Browser
Protect your browsing through a range of technologies.
Maintain privacy by deleting all browsing data.
Featuring a search engine that can be used to find articles and topics.
An organized graphical interface that is completely free of complications that can be used easily.
The ability to download and install plugins and templates on the browser easily.
Allows button to share content on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.
Identify sites that carry viruses or malware within the code.
It provides an incognito browsing feature, which makes you leave no traces on the browser.
You can make multiple accounts on the browser so that each user has an account.
Fast browsing of all different web pages compared to other browsers.
It consumes a modest amount of RAM and processor capacity.

Program size: 115 MB
Developer: Comodo Group, Inc.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

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