Download the famous Candy Crush Saga 2023 game for Android

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most famous games for Android phones and iPhones, where you need intelligence and focus, and its idea is to move sweets and match three of the same color, and so you will have smashed them and won some points. You have to focus well in providing what is required of you, and it is worth noting that the game contains a lot of playing modes, including collecting points in a specific time and also the style of smashing some sweets to make some fruits at the bottom of the playing field, and in some levels you will have to free the trapped bears that Surrounded by some snow.

Candy Crush is characterized by high graphics and powerful effects, in addition to the ability to save your level directly on your account that you log into through Facebook or Google, and this will help you access your account and play from the level you stopped at even if you uninstall it and install it again , By using Facebook, you will also be able to know your Facebook friends at what level they have reached, and this will create an atmosphere of competition to surpass them in play.
Download the famous Candy Crush Saga 2023 game for Android

The game is constantly updated as the developers add some new stages and levels so that the game maintains its popularity among the most downloaded games in the Google Play market, and there are some sweets that you can win while playing, including fish candy where you edit some sweets that you need in the process Winning the stage also there is candy with lines and you get it after destroying four sweets once and the last one when destroyed will be a complete row horizontally or vertically.

Features of Candy Crush Saga
It contains a lot of levels and stages that you have to pass.
See the progress level of your friends who are playing the game.
Some special sweets that will be your trump card.
High quality graphics in addition to the sound effects.
Candy Crush can be played without the need for an internet connection.

game size: 92.2 MB
Publisher: King
Game compatibility: Android
License: Complimentary

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