Download GIMP 2023 for image editing and design

GIMP is a way to edit digital images and add enhancements to them and is considered a free alternative to large editing Softwares such as Photoshop. By adding enhanced filters, color processing, brightness and contrast control, and other special effects.

GIMP Software has wide uses in managing images, where you can remove unwanted parts using the famous magic wand, through which you can select and remove things of one color or change their color. The year was 1995 and since then it has been in continuous development and many tools have been added to it to facilitate editing operations for the user.

Download GIMP 2023 for image editing and design

GIMP has been designed to meet the growing demand for editing Softwares and to be competitive with other Softwares since its first release. It has been well received by the masses and has been downloaded by millions around the world. It has won many awards in its field. The application contains many distinctive tools, including drawing tools such as brushes, pencil and other functions that are used In coloring the parts in addition to the erasers to erase the defects and mistakes you made and some other wonderful tools, as it has an integrated set of coloring tools.

Through the GIMP Software, you will be able to undo the steps you have taken at any moment, as all the actions you have taken on your photos are recorded. You can download and use it on the application. The Software supports various digital image formats, including JPG, PNG and BMP. You can import whatever images you want from your computer, camera or flash disk.

Download GIMP 2023 for image editing and design

Features GIMP Photo Editing Program Features GIMP
Writing on images in various fonts installed on your computer with a judgment in font size and color.
Remove unwanted parts from photos in professional ways.
Control the quality of images by adjusting colors, brightness, saturation, and others.
Combining digital images and merging them with each other to form a single image.
Create designs from drawing or installation smoothly.
Layers feature to control more faces and objects in photos.
Compatible with various formats including JPG, PNG, PSD, and others.
Support for all international languages, including replaces, English and French.
It provides a large number of filters and effects to add to your photos.
An elegant, organized interface that contains all the functions a designer needs.

Program size: 253 MB
Publisher: The GIMP Team.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

Download GIMP

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