Download Google Chrome 2023 for PC

The Google Chrome browser is the icon of browsers, as it is distinguished by its provision of a number of various browsing-assisting functions such as the translation tool for sites and the feature of smooth search. It also supports a wide range of auxiliary components that you can download from the Software’s market. By setting it as the default Software for browsing websites, the Software works with various versions of Windows and comes in a number of languages ​​such as replaces, English and French.

Through this Software, you can access news and technical websites of all configurations. It has a download manager through which you can download Softwares and videos at high speed from various types of protocols HTTP / HTPS / FTP, and the browser has a great feature of protecting you from various malicious websites that may You encounter them while browsing, as most of them are identified as a result of their availability on a database that contains thousands of malicious websites and files.

Download Google Chrome 2023 for PC
Google Chrome protects user privacy by providing a tool to erase all traces you left behind such as passwords, cookies and cookies, this application has a great feature of incognito browsing that enables you to access web pages without showing your real identity Useful for users who use public devices such as Internet cafes and corporate devices, as all traces will be deleted immediately after completion.

The browser saves the web pages that you visit continuously on the Software interface to facilitate access to them later without having to write the site from the first and new, and Google Chrome has an elegant graphic interface that supports customization such as changing colors and background, and you can download ready-made templates from the browser market, through The tabs technology supported by the Software You can open a large number of websites in one window with the ability to manage them very easily and also provides a peek feature for all tabs.

Download Google Chrome 2023 for PC

Features of Google Chrome browser

Open all different websites with different components.
Manage and download files at high speed from the browser.
Tabs system to open a large number of websites in one window.
Flash Player is built in so that you do not need to download and install it.
Provide protection and security while browsing so that it has the ability to identify harmful sites and files.
Protect user privacy by clearing all browsing traces.
Quick search using words on the browser Search where sites are listed.
An elegant, uncluttered interface that any user can use.
Incognito browsing feature to access websites anonymously.
Support for add-ons, as there are thousands of them to support browsing.
It works steadily and stably with various types of systems.
It comes with more than one international language, including replaces, English and French.

Software version: 103.0.5060.134
Program size: 83.9 MB
Publisher: Google.
Program compatibility: Windows XP/7/8/10
License: Complimentary

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