Download Mafia City 2023 for Android for free

Mafia City is one of the popular games on the global level, where it will make you the head of a gang. You can manage your area by carrying out some work that will help you earn money, such as selling prohibited items, carrying out robberies on banking institutions, and other acts that simulate the world of gangs.

You will have at your disposal men who can carry out your orders related to assassinations and carry out attacks in a professional manner through the use of weapons and ammunition such as machine guns, rifles and others.

You will always have to develop your empire by equipping it with money, men and weapons, as it is one of the strategic games that can be played on a daily basis online while connected to the Internet.

The Mafia City game is characterized by high quality in graphics with strong effects, both in sound and image, to be played when you are doing business and performing tasks.

Download Mafia City 2023 for Android for free

Download Mafia City 2023 for Android for free

You can also struggle with other gangs that may try to loot your financial resources and harm your gang, and this is not something that every gang leader wants, as you may lose a lot, so you must always be prepared for the most difficult circumstances.

In the game, there are many investment methods to collect the huge money that will help you expand and get the game’s appreciation, and accordingly, you will be able to keep up with the expenses and do a lot of operations freely.

Mafia City Features

A game full of competition and challenging missions.
Strategy so that you develop your city.
The possibility of investing in projects to diversify sources of income.
A group of men whose boss you will be.
Carrying out advanced tasks that simulate the work of mafia gangs.

game size: 129 MB
Publisher: YottaGame
Game compatibility: Android
License: Complimentary

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