Download Malwarebytes 2023 for PC latest version

Malwarebytes is a Software whose main role is to remove viruses and malicious files from the Windows system using the latest technologies in the field so that it makes your system completely free of malware that may be a direct cause of the accumulation of many problems that negatively affect the experience of use, including hiding some tasks Windows and sabotaging settings to serve the interests of viruses and may threaten your privacy and make it in the hands of hackers and intruders.

MalwareByte has a high ability to detect all types of malicious files, as it is armed with a strong database that gives it a high ability to identify various types of new and upcoming malicious software for the Windows system, and the base can be updated continuously in order to keep pace with the security risk.

Malwarebytes provides you with a wide range of search modes that can be used, including a custom search that will target a specific section of the system, as well as a full search that does not leave any folder and file unchecked.

The MalwareByte Software focuses throughout its use on the activities and processes of the Windows system, especially the suspicious ones, whose tracking leads to unknown and hidden sources, thus it can discover their type and address them through advanced options.

Download Malwarebytes 2023 for PC latest version

Malwarebytes removes all traces of the malicious file deposited in the Windows system, as it detects all files related to the malware as well as its records in the registry, and then you can restore the nature of the system as before.

In addition to that, the Software displays a large set of comprehensive statistics about the operations carried out by the application, including the number of malicious software that has been unveiled and made far from system operations. It also displays the number of completed checks and other useful reports that will give you a comprehensive view of the situation general system.
Malwarebyte features Features Malwarebytes
Integrated database to identify various malware.
Several file and system scan modes.
It can be used with an antivirus Software without conflict.
The Software is light on resources and is not potentially burdensome.
Repair damage caused by malicious files on the system.

Software version:
Program size: 290 MB
Publisher: Malwarebytes.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Trial

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