Download OpenOffice 2023 for PC for free

OpenOffice is a package that contains a variety of Softwares used in text editing and document creation, dating back to the year 2000, and in replaces it is called the Open Office. Or use it to create tables and others, and the OpenOffice Software remains a free alternative to the Microsoft Office package, and it is one of the most successful competitors in the software market.

The package contains the Office Writer Software, which is used for writing topics, letters, faxes and notes, and is characterized by providing all conditions for the word processor and making changes to Word files. Office Writer contains a number of different templates that make writing topics easier.

Download OpenOffice 2023 for PC for free
One of the distinguished Softwares in the package is OpenOffice Impress, and it is very similar to PowerPoint, through which you can present presentations. It is an effective multimedia tool. You can insert images, add your own slideshow, in addition to making 2D and 3D titles. You need it to make slides for topics and make notes in addition to handouts.

Among the other Softwares in the OpenOffice Calc package, through which you can manage complex accounts and spreadsheets, users find it easy to deal with. Corporate workers and number providers will appreciate the effort that this Software puts in creating tables of accounts. It contains a number of leading technologies, including DataPilot technology, which makes It was easy, as it was pulling the raw data from the company’s databases, scheduling them, and converting them into meaningful information. The Software’s processing guides you to reach satisfactory results through advanced spreadsheet functions. You can also download templates from the Software’s official website. The Software is compatible with various versions of Windows without exception. .

Download OpenOffice 2023 for PC for free

Support all Word file formats through Office Writer.
The possibility of making tables for companies and calculating data and numbers, as you can perform complex calculations.
OpenOffice Impress is a Software to deal with presentations by creating them from scratch or modifying them.
OpenOffice Draw included in the package through which you can perform quick drawing operations for calligraphers and has all the tools for dealing with drawings.
The Software supports many international languages ​​and contains a dictionary to correct texts.
It is compatible with all Windows systems, including Windows XP and Windows 10.
Ease of dealing with package Softwares, so that most users find OpenOffice is the appropriate alternative to Microsoft Office.
OpenOffice Math Software is used to solve the most complex mathematical equations.
OpenOffice Base specializes in dealing with desktop databases designed to meet the needs of users.
A light Software on the computer so that its operation does not exhaust system resources and does not cause slowdowns.

Program size: 136 MB
Publisher: Foundation Apache.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

Download OpenOffice

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