Download Opera Browser 2023 for PC for free

Opera is a fast and secure browsing Software characterized by a large number of features that made it in the list of the ten best browsers around the world and is very popular by users as its use exceeded 500 million users. With this Software, you can browse news and technical sites and video sites such as YouTube and other web pages It supports various technologies that are used in building and designing websites and can be used to download files from the Internet because it has a built-in download manager through which you can organize and download files easily.

By using the Opera browser, you can access the various services offered by social networking sites and entertainment sites and it comes with Flash Player built in with it, as you will not need to download and install it on your computer. The pop-up that may be a source of inconvenience to the user and this provides convenience for him, and provides multiple options in protecting the privacy of the user as he can erase all the files and traces he left behind such as cookies, passwords and visited sites.

Download Opera Browser 2023 for PC for free

Opera Browser for browsing websites

The Opera Software supports the RSS feed reader through which you can reach the latest developments on the browser without the need to access the sites. The browser can also be used to send and browse email messages, as it filters and organizes them in a beautiful way. The absence of malicious codes or viruses that may harm your computer so that it works to block them from you, in addition to that it is compatible with the protection Softwares installed on the device so that the latter in turn works smoothly and to provide strong protection.

One of the features worth mentioning in the Opera browser is the Turbo feature, and this is useful for owners of weak internet, as you can browse websites at high speed by compressing files and images and saves internet data usage. It also supports tabs technology that allows you to open a large number of web pages in one window in addition to managing them better. The application comes with support for many international languages, including replaces, English and French.

Opera web browser for PC latest version

Features Opera Browser

    Browse all different websites without exception with perfect compatibility.
    Built-in Flash Player allows you to seamlessly browse websites with Flash components.
    Turbo data compression feature for fast browsing while preserving internet data.
    A system of tabs that allows you to open a large number of web pages in a single window.
    A download manager where you can download various files and manage them better with downloading torrent files.
    Protection of user privacy on the Software through the possibility of deleting all traces of browsing.
    Prevent annoying ads that may be of concern to the user.
    It works with high stability and performance with various Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 systems.
    It comes in a number of international languages, including replaces, to facilitate understanding of the application's tools.
    Scan sites before accessing them and warn you if there are malicious files on them.
    It is completely free so that you can use all its functions without having to pay additional costs.

      Information about the Opera Browser

      Software version: 89.0.4447.83
      Program size: 78.8 MB
      Publisher: Opera Software.
      Program compatibility: Windows versions
      License: Complimentary

      Download Opera Browser

      for pc 64 bit

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