Download Pale Moon 2023 the fast browser for PC

Pal Moon Browser is a Software designed to help browse websites at high speed with little consumption of system resources. It offers many great advantages in the browsing process, including the availability of a download manager, which will help you save files from the Internet at high speed with the ability to stop and resume download tasks at any time. time you want it.

Pal Moon Browser supports all websites, including video sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion, as well as social networking sites, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and works to display them in a coordinated manner free of defects and problems.

The browser gives wide powers to the user as it allows him to protect privacy by deleting all browsing data that was generated at different times and can be disposed of immediately with a single click of the mouse.

Pal Moon Browser includes many technologies that make browsing faster, as it compresses data and thus shows websites very quickly and immediately, and also supports Firefox add-ons that can be downloaded and installed.

Download Pale Moon 2023 the fast browser for PC

Download Pal Moon Browser Latest Version

The Palmon browser encrypts and protects the information of websites so that they are not hacked and accessed in any way or means, as well as the feature of blocking harmful websites through the filtering system, which is based on the removal of all sites that contain malicious and malicious codes that may harm the system significantly. It also has a feature to stop pop-up ads, which may be a source of inconvenience to users.

Pal Moon Features Features Pale Moon

  • Access to all kinds of websites at high speed.
  • Curb and block annoying ads and malicious websites.
  • Provide maximum privacy for users.
  • Compatible with all multiple web configurations.
  • It does not require large resources while working with it.

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