Download Q-Dirfile for the computer 2023

Q-Dir is a Software that makes browsing files very easy through powerful and distinctive tools that help you access any file within the system through several ways, most notably the quick search feature, where the Software is a suitable alternative to the file explorer for Windows, which lacks speed in implementing operations and has very limited options, unlike this application, which we advise users to manage files and work to reorganize them to meet their own desires and needs.

The process of transferring using this application is easy and accessible to everyone, as it is possible to transfer a number of multiple files to storage media through a few simple steps, in addition to that, the application offers several display modes, including displaying icons in a small or large form or viewing them in a long list and gives you Q-Dir provides complete information about each file, including size, path, type, and others.

Download Q-Dirfile for the computer 2023

It is worth noting that this file manager supports the drag and drop feature, which means it is easy to move files and put them in new folders for the purpose of organizing or sending them to a flash memory or reversing the process. System folders and this technology can be used to browse data in multiple media with flexible transfer and pasting.
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The Q-Dir file management Software gives you a favorite feature that can help you access the folders that you visit frequently and that are of great interest to you because they contain important files for you, and as it is known that this type of application supports keyboard shortcuts and this means that you will You can perform the various tasks you want from the keyboard, and the Software supports FTP servers where it is possible to send and receive files through the technology.
Features of Q-Dir Computer File Manager
More than one special way to browse files.
Support for keyboard shortcuts in control.
Four-way display feature for folders and files.
You can filter files based on their type or creation date.
Browsing data on FTP servers.
The ability to add folders to the favorites list to facilitate access to them.

Software version: 10.95
Program size: 1.0 MB
Publisher: Nenad Hrg.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

Download Q-Dir File Manager for PC
Download 32 bit software
Download the 64-bit Software

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