Download Samsung Browser for Android 2023 latest version

Samsung Browser for Android is a very useful application that offers powerful features to the user in the field of browsing multiple Internet pages and offers the best technologies in the security field to protect privacy and for the user to be at peace of mind in light of the dangers and security threats that await him, as this browser protects the login information that you enter in Various types of websites and also filters malicious web pages that contain embedded malicious code.

The Samsung browser makes it easy to access the sites that you visit continuously by relying on saving them in the storage space to ensure that you can easily access them. Only directly after typing the first letter of the site will suggest the link to access your favorite site

This and also contains a special list in which you can add all your favorite sites and manage them where you can delete any site from the list and add a new one to your favorite and the list appears on the main page of the Software, and the browser also has a smart tracking prevention feature that allows ensuring that no cookies are accessed The link is in your phone's storage.

Download Samsung Browser for Android 2023 latest version

Download Samsung Browser for Android 2023 latest version

The Software supports fast and secure access to all types of websites with different technologies used in their formation, which means surfing the web, opening news magazines, as well as watching multiple videos in a very professional and advanced way. The web browser interface supports customization so that you can replace the tools and additions that appear in the application interface with the possibility of customizing colors and fonts for the browser.

Another advantage of the Software is that it is light on the resources of the phone. Add to this that its Softwareming code is free from errors and there are no problems even with prolonged use of the browser. The application supports the tabs system, which means opening many websites within one window and can be managed with ease, such as closing all tabs Or close one tab with one touch, in short, Samsung Browser is a professional application that is packed with a number of powerful features and tools offered by the leading company to compete with other giant browsers.
Privacy and safe browsing

Fast Browser supports a set of promising technologies to protect the privacy of users over the Internet, as it works to protect and secure data by encrypting it with the most powerful technologies in the field to make your data highly secured, which makes the information in a special application box that is not accessed in any way, and it works The web browser blocks harmful sites and notifies you directly if the site contains malicious or malicious code.
Plugins support

The application contains a special section for add-ons that can be installed on the browser to take advantage of some wonderful features such as the Amazon add-ons and the addition of the translator, which translates texts and websites and converts them from international languages ​​such as English to replaces and others, and there are also many other add-ons that can be used.
Download Samsung Browser for Android 2023 latest version

The Samsung web browser supports all global websites, including social networks, and is compatible with the latest web technologies and configurations, so that you can view any site in its original format without problems. You can also use the computer display feature, and the latter will identify the site as you are browsing from the computer.
Samsung Browser Features Features Samsung Browser
It offers high speed and smooth opening of websites.
A feature that prevents websites from accessing cookies.
Add bookmarks to the home screen for easy access.
It blocks and warns you about malicious web pages.
Compatible with all types of websites without exception or exclusion.
Protect privacy and delete all saved data with ease.
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Program size: 130 MB
Publisher: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Program compatibility: Android
License: Complimentary

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