Download Signal for PC 2023 latest version

Signal is one of the most powerful applications in the field of communication and conversations, as it has strong and advanced features, the most important of which is to maintain the privacy of users in an advanced way, as it requires encrypting all your information and messages in an advanced way so that accounts are not hacked and spying on messages and conversations, and the application also ensures its users not to collect any information about the user As it does not store data to be used for commercial or advertising purposes.

It should be noted that many security experts recommend using Signal due to its leading features in preserving privacy and preventing any potential hacking or even selling the collected data.

Moreover, the application gives you the ability to exchange files between your friends and family members who use the application, as it supports sending videos, images, audio, as well as digital documents.

Signal is characterized by high speed in the exchange of attachments and also maintains the quality of images during the process of images, and this feature may not be found even in the famous and well-known chat Softwares.

Download Signal for PC 2023 Signal latest version

Through Signal for the computer, you can freely make conversations and voice calls with your friends and all the users you have in your contacts while providing the best possible sound quality. You can also make video calls and send voice messages, in addition to that, the application contains a lot of stickers and emojis that can be Use them in conversations to express the general situation.
Safe conversations

The most important thing that the user focuses on in general is security and reliability. Of course, an application with weak specifications in terms of security cannot be trusted, as hackers or intruders can spy on messages and conversations, and the Signal Software offers the best possible tools and techniques to make conversations highly secure and prevent access by a third party This is done through advanced encryption algorithms.
attach files

The Signal application for the computer allows the possibility of attaching files very easily during conversations and expands the scope of support to include documents, images and videos, and this of course without affecting the quality of the files sent, as it preserves them as they are.
Device compatibility

The Signal computer Software is compatible with a wide range of devices, which makes it suitable for smartphones and laptops, and thus you can communicate with your friends, family and business.
Features Signal Features Signal
Voice and video calls with friends and family.
The ability to share files such as photos, videos and documents.
Safe to use as it encrypts all messages and conversations.
High quality audio and video during video calls.

Program size: 117 MB
Publisher: Signal.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

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