Download SmartFTP 2023 for PC

SmartFTP is a Software that we highly recommend to users who want to transfer files from their computer to FTP servers, as the latter offers exceptional and powerful features in the field that make it the best ever and compete with other powerful Softwares such as FileZilla.

The application provides the feature of secure encryption of user data and files, as these technologies prevent hackers from accessing information in any way, and the application secures the bridge to the FTP server and prevents potential security risks for safe and secure communications.

The Smart FTP Software is characterized by powerful additional services, including high-speed upload and download service, where you can shorten a lot of time in transferring files to and from your server, and you can use the feature to back up users' files and save the site completely on the hard disk To go back to the backup when needed.

The Software is used to upload scripts and their add-ons. In addition, the Software files can be downloaded and saved on the computer in order to modify them and add some additional codes, and then upload them directly to the site and replace the original file.

Download SmartFTP 2023 for PC

SmartFTP displays files in more than one way, and thumbnails of some files can be viewed, indicating that the results can be filtered based on various criteria such as size, format, and date of last modification. In addition, the application comes with a custom search option to quickly and smoothly access desired files.

The Software for downloading and uploading files FTP displays all the operations that have been successful or failed, and this will help you in re-executing the tasks until their success is ensured, in addition to that, the application saves all the tasks that have been done on the application in anticipation of any emergency, such as a power outage or shutdown system short.

It is mainly used to raise scripts.
Manage websites professionally and download files from them.
Help with complete website backups.
Reorganize stored files and distribute them to multiple folders.
If one of the operations fails, you can try again.
Easy to use and requires no prior experience.

Program size: 16.5 MB
Publisher: SmartSoft Ltd.
Program compatibility: Windows 7/8/10
License: Complimentary

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