Download Speccy provides all information about computer parts

Download the Sepsi Software to know the specifications and components of the computer
Speccy Software provides you with all the information about your computer parts and provides you with detailed statistics about the CPU, RAM, motherboard, Internet, graphics cards, graphics cards, sound, knowing all the details of each of them, knowing the temperature of the device and every piece of the computer, as well as the ease of knowing all External parts connected to the device such as microphone, speakers, keyboard, mouse and other external parts.

You can see all the data within a single clean interface. After installing the Cybecy Software on the computer, it automatically performs a comprehensive scan on all components of the computer and displays them in an organized manner. The Software helps you discover the parts that have problems inside the computer. You can also take pictures or screenshots of the scan results for the device specifications as well. Offers technical support to diagnose computer problems.

The Software is very fast and light and does not affect a lot of processor resources. The information that the Software gives you helps you in developing your computer. For example, if you want to increase the size of the memory, you can know the size of the memory to be added by knowing the memory in the device and the largest possible memory that the device can bear, the Software is easy to use and appropriate For all computer users, whether beginners or professionals.

Download Speccy provides all information about computer parts

1. Find out information about computer parts.
2. Knowing the temperature of the different parts of the device.
3. Knowing the problems facing the computer and solving them.
4. Display the results in an orderly manner.
5. Save computer data in the form of images.

Download Speccy provides all information about computer parts

Developed by: SpeccyPiriform Ltd
The Software's official website
Program size: 6.57 MB
Program language: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP - Windows Vista - Windows7 - Windows8
Software license: Free
Categories: Computer Software, Computer Software

Download Speccy for PC

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