Download stc pay latest version 2023 for Android and iPhone

Download the latest stc pay application 2022 for Android and iPhone, download stc pay for PC, download stc pay for Android, log in stc pay, download stc pay APK and we will bring some information about it and some features

It is a Software that has a secure and integrated digital wallet for your financial transactions, replacing many financial applications on your mobile phone, and more than that, stc pay wallet allows you to carry out your usual financial operations with a high level of security and puts your comfort first, in addition to other innovative operations designed to provide the best solutions to current social financial behaviours.

For example, you can transfer, receive, buy and control your money, you can share group expenses with your contacts, family and friends using the shared wallet feature all this and more through a virtual account called digital wallet.

Because it is a single application that transfers a large number of electronic services to banks to be implemented on the phone in the shortest possible time and with minimal effort. In addition, thanks to this application, it is possible to pay many types of bills on the mobile phone, to receive and send money between different bank accounts.

Therefore, it is one of the applications that has been able to achieve great success, especially thanks to its ease of use and the lack of professionalism in its processing, in addition to a large number of other application features. Download the stc pay application, which is an electronic money processing platform or digital wallet and electronic payment system.

Since this platform was developed by the Saudi Telecom Company, also known in the Kingdom as STC, it is the first company in the Kingdom to operate various telecommunications services. STS was established in 2002 and the company's head office is located in Al-Diriyah district in Riyadh with the great success of the services provided by the company.

The company has developed the application that bears its name to transfer many of the transactions made on behalf of the company to the cyberspace, to facilitate people’s access to services faster. Downloading the stc pay application, creating an account and activating it is one of the easiest things that requires only the initial free download of the application on the mobile phone through Google Play Store After that, the application is opened on the mobile device, press create a new account and write all the required data from the name, address, phone number, email, user name and password.

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Advantages of downloading the latest version of stc pay 2022 for Android and iPhone

  1. Wide range of purchases can be made through the app from many businesses, restaurants, stores, gas stations etc. Use the QR code easily as the purchase is made.
  2. Send and receive instant and free money from many other contacts, but they must have a digital wallet on stc pay, because the transfer process is done easily by choosing the name in the main menu and sending is done in a few seconds.
  3. Through the application, it is also possible to recharge prepaid sawa cards in one way, in addition to the possibility of paying all bills directly to the Saudi Telecom Company.
  4. In addition, through the STC digital wallet, funds can be transferred to any bank account in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  5. It is also possible to benefit from the Western Union money transfer service, which is one of the most important international money transfers, which can be made directly through the digital wallet and received from any Western Union branch.
  6. The use of this application also provides the possibility of withdrawing money directly from ATMs without the need to use a card.
  7. The shared wallet is one of the services provided by the application through which the digital wallet can be shared with friends or family members who have an account with the Saudi Telecom Company, and the application allows controlling family expenses or daily payments.
  8. The STC digital wallet can also be used to make purchases in supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores without a minimum transfer.

Some other features of downloading the stc pay application, latest version 2022, for Android and iPhone

  • Pay directly for your purchases: You can shop at a growing number of merchants, restaurants, gas stations and other partners easily and securely, whether by scanning the merchant's QR code or the merchant scanning your QR code.
  • Transfer from one wallet to another: You can send and receive money instantly and for free to and from your friends and family when they create a digital wallet from stc pay.
  • Pay STC bills and recharge sawa: You can pay your telecom bills directly through the application and top up your prepaid sawa cards with ease and processing.
  • Transfer funds to a local bank account: You can transfer funds to any bank account in Saudi Arabia from your digital wallet.
  • International Transfer (Western Union): You can easily and securely transfer money internationally to direct bank accounts or receive money from any Western Union site at competitive rates.
  • Withdrawing money from ATMs: You can withdraw money from ATMs using only your mobile phone and without a card.
  • Create a Shared Wallet: Share and track household or friend-gathering expenses easily with your contacts.

Information from downloading the latest stc pay application 2022 for Android and iPhone

  • Application name: stc pay
  • The current version of the application: 1.10.12
  • Application area: 56 MB
  • Number of app downloads: 5,000,000
  • App rating: 4.3
  • Requires Android: 5.0 and later

Download stc pay latest version 2022 app for Android and iPhone

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Download stc pay latest version 2022 app for Android and iPhone

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