Download Tor Browser for PC 2023

Tor Browser is a free web browser that gives you the ability to browse all the sites you want without revealing your real identity, as it encrypts and protects your communication information, which makes your browsing anonymous and cannot be traced in any way, and it is built on the Mozilla code, which means that it is integrated and free of Software errors and works very efficiently, and it should be noted that it can be used in a range of uses, including opening prohibited services in your geographical area.

The Tor browser has achieved wide popularity since its launch, as it is used by millions around the world due to its high efficiency in protecting browsing and personal data used, and that no one can spy on you and bypass the security wall that the browser provides you with.

Moreover, the application has many great features, including maintaining privacy, where you can delete all browsing history that you left behind on your browser, as well as your saved passwords and the sites you visited.

It is worth noting that Tor works to open all websites, whatever their type, supports the various technologies that make up them, and also allows watching videos embedded in websites, and uses high encryption algorithm techniques while surfing the web.

The Software is also equipped with a download manager through which you can download multimedia, applications and games from the Internet at the highest speed provided by the Internet provider. You can also control the download tasks through the dedicated buttons and browse the files downloaded to the computer.

Tor Browser is also useful for users who want to publish publications on the web and make websites anonymously, as it works through encryption techniques to hide all the data on your device, including the IP, making tracking impossible, and Tor is constantly updated from Before the developers, which means continuous improvements in the level of performance and protection, in short, this application can help you in doing a lot of tasks and hide your true identity as well as the possibility of opening blocked sites in your geographical range.

It secures and changes your information to avoid tracking.
Compatible with all websites of various configurations.
Ensures great privacy for the user online.
Suitable for creating websites with anonymous identities.
It can be used to access blocked services.
It is constantly updated to improve security features and performance.

Program size: 96.5 MB
Publisher: The Tor Project.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

Download Tor Browser

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