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The user sometimes finds it difficult to share videos on the Internet or save them to the storage memory in case the size of the clips is very large. That is why we offer you one of the most important applications in the field of compressing and reducing the size of files, the Video Compressor Software, which is characterized by ease of use and through which the compression process can be carried out in a professional manner Through a few simple steps from you.

The video compression Software works to maintain the quality of your clips while reducing the size, which helps you primarily in saving storage space during the process of saving on the phone, and it should be noted that the application can also be used as a converter for video and audio formats.

The application supports the graphics accelerator, and the latter will provide you with the best performance in converting and compressing media such as videos and audio, thus executing the operations in a short time.

The video compression Software offers a set of conversion and compression modes, and you can use what suits you within the available options, thus choosing the format and compression technology that will meet your needs.

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There are a lot of multiple options that you will be able to control before the conversion process, including the compression ratio, video sizes, as well as the format. It should be noted that Video Compressor offers many formats and formats for clips, and you can also add a group of clips and convert them at once by applying the format to all syllables.

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Processing speed of Video Compressor for Android and supported formats

The Software is characterized by its high speed in converting and processing clips, which means saving a lot of time. You can also leave the application running in the background and do other activities, for example browsing or opening social networking applications. For the supported formats, you will be able to include various types of videos, whether downloaded or filmed through your phone's camera.

Will I lose the quality of the videos after the compression process?

Video Compressor offers the best solutions to bypass the problem of quality loss and thus you can convert and compress your files without losing quality and this is due to the approved techniques and codecs built into the application, and after the compression process, the Software provides you with the ability to display compressed videos alongside the original to ensure their quality.

Uses of video compression software for Android

The Software is used for multiple purposes, most notably saving storage space, as the process of compressing videos will greatly free up the phone's memory, which will allow you to store multiple files on your phone along with video clips.

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The Software also benefits in reducing the size of videos in order to share them on social networks, YouTube and Tik Tok, especially if they are of a large period of time, as the large size may hinder some users in the upload process if they have a weak or medium Internet connection.

Android video size reducer options

The Software puts at the disposal of users a set of options for compression where you can choose what suits you based on your personal requirements so that you can determine the extent of the compression strength and also the possibility of dividing the video into parts according to the size, for example, each part has 20 MB and so on, and the application also provides some other tools such as customizing Resolution and delete the original file after the compressed video output.
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Features Video Compressor App Features

  • Supports conversion to multiple formats through the available encodings.
  • The possibility of reducing the size of the videos without affecting the quality.
  • Convert video clips to audio files in MP3 format.
  • Use the graphics accelerator to perform operations at high speed.
  • Direct sharing of clips after encoding and conversion.
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Information about Video Compressor App

Software version:4.4.5
Program size:26.9 MB
Program compatibility: Android 5.0 and later

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