Download Whale Browser for PC latest version 2023

Whale Browser is one of the modern browsers that wants to put a place among the competing Softwares by offering a set of great technologies and advantages, including high speed in opening and browsing multiple websites. It is worth mentioning that the browser is compatible with all types of web pages without exception, including social networks. Video sites such as YouTube and others.

The browser has been professionally designed in terms of the general appearance, as the focus has been through the appearance on facilitating access to the services and tools that are available on it, which means obtaining all the advantages with ease and smoothness, as well as its support for more than one international language, and this means greater ease of use.

Download Whale Browser for PC latest version 2023As it is known that we all focus on privacy greatly, and in this regard, the Whale browser for the computer offers a set of powerful capabilities that will make your browsing more secure while keeping all harmful sites away from you and keeping all your personal data securely away from the eyes of intruders and hackers.

One of the additional and wonderful features of the application is its low consumption of computer resources, as you will be able to use the browser without a significant impact on the processor and RAM capabilities, which gives the possibility to open many windows and tabs smoothly.

The most important of your favorite websites, you can easily save them on a separate list of bookmarks, which means that you will be able to access them later, and this is great and will save you the trouble of entering the site link or using search engines every time you want to access your favorite site.

Download Whale Browser for PC latest version 2023

As for the browser interface, you can customize it in more than one way so that you can change the background of the browser in addition to changing the font and also change the location of tools and icons, in addition, you can also use some built-in themes and give the browser another look with the push of a single button.

It should be noted that the browser also helps you download files from the Internet at a high speed so that you will be able to save applications and games as well as compressed files and others at a rocket speed comparable to download Softwares with multiple management capabilities including pause and resume, the application also gives you information about the file including size and download speed as well as The remaining time period is more accurate and detailed.
The most important advantages of Whale Browser

privacy protection : The browser focuses heavily on users' data as it protects it from hackers and prevents hackers from accessing it in any way, as it relies on multi-layer encryption technology in the process.

Download Manager This application also helps you download multiple files from the Internet at high speeds with support for all types of data, including Softwares and games, with the ability to stop and resume downloads at any time.

interface customization Through the available features of the application, you will have a set of tools for customizing and preparing the general appearance of the Software in terms of the background, fonts used, and colors used in the windows.

Add-ons support : The browser code is Chromium, and this allows you to install hundreds of multiple add-ons on the browser and use them to manage browsing and enjoy some additional features.

Download Whale Browser for PC latest version 2023

Sync accounts You can also, through this browser, synchronize your private information with more than one computer using the main and reference account for the process.

incognito browsing : The Software gives you an advanced ability to protect privacy through the incognito feature that is based on browsing websites without leaving any traces on the computer such as cookies, browsing history, etc.

Program size: 104 MB
Developer: Naver Corp.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free version

Download Whale Browser for PC
for pc 32 bit

for pc 64 bit

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