Download Wise Care 365 for computer cleaning 2023

Download Wise Care 365 for computer maintenance and cleaning 2023 Wise Care 365 is a distinguished application in the field of Windows system maintenance and improvement of its efficiency. Respond in a way that the user is satisfied with and to solve some of the problems he faces, and among the known problems are the great slowness in taking off, as well as convulsions, which are the blackest of a large group.

This application helps you to clean Windows from the remnants and excess files accumulated in the system, which can be the cause of the system slowdown and stumbling, and the files that are deleted are the remnants of applications that were installed at one time, as uninstalling them in the traditional way does not delete all the files related to them .

The Software offers a defragmentation tool for the hard disk, and this process is very useful in rearranging hard disk papers and organizing files and folders, and accordingly it will return with great benefit immediately after the process and you will notice an improvement during the request for files, including those for the system, which leads directly to the acceleration of Windows work.

Download Wise Care 365 for computer cleaning 2023

Download Wise Care 365 for computer maintenance and cleaning 2023

Wise Care 365 comes with a privacy protection feature on the system, where all traces that are left are deleted, including reviewed files, folders, etc., which gives you great privacy on the Windows system, and the application provides some important tools such as the tool to retrieve files that have been deleted by The error.

It is worth noting that multiple maintenance operations can be performed through the button available in the “One Click Tune-up” application, which will improve performance in a flexible and easy way, which makes the application a favorite among users, especially beginners in the field of maintenance. Moreover, the Software offers an additional set of Tools include a tool to hide your important files and folders and a tool to automatically shutdown the system after a certain time has passed.
Windows maintenance and cleaning Software features Features Wise Care 365
Complete cleaning of all unwanted and redundant files.
Solve the problem of slow booting and loading of applications while running.
Preserve user privacy and erase all traces it leaves behind.
Defragment the hard disk to improve its performance and efficiency.
The ability to set a special time when the computer is automatically shut down.
One Click Tune-up button that performs maintenance operations in one click.
Recover accidentally deleted files.

Program size: 16.5 MB
Publisher: WiseCleaner.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

Download Wise Care 365

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