Download Wise Folder Hider 2023 File Encryption for PC

Wise Folder Hider is a free Software that provides the service of closing and hiding folders from view inside the computer, and this does not mean getting rid of them, but you can access them directly after the reverse process that the application provides from files that can be hidden pictures, videos, as well as documents, and this is very important so that intruders do not reach To it and run it, especially if you are not using the system on your own, moreover, you can prevent access to the data in the storage media by encrypting it.

This distinguished application provides the ability to protect your data by encrypting it with a double layer, as no one will be able to access the data that you have encrypted using this Software, and of course with the addition of the password that you set yourself, other than this, the user will not be able to view it, one of the wonderful things about the Software It is easy to use, so you will not need experience in dealing with it. It is enough to choose the folder or file you want to encrypt and then click on the hide button to be hidden away.

Download Wise Folder Hider 2023 File Encryption for PC

Other features include that if you want to modify the encrypted file, you can do so quite easily through the Open button, and the file will be visible, then you can make modifications to it and then exit the Software and it will be hidden automatically from view. This will save a lot of effort if you are With periodic modifications, the great feature is the interface, which needs no explanation and is extremely simple and you will not find it difficult to adapt to it.

Some users store their sensitive files without protecting them on the flash disk, and this may be a very dangerous matter. About accounts and personal photos that you keep for yourself, Wise Folder Hider is one of the powerful Softwares in file encryption and uses advanced technologies that cannot be bypassed or undermined.

Download Wise Folder Hider 2023 File Encryption for PC

Hide folders and files from appearing permanently.
Protect data by creating a strong password that cannot be bypassed.
The ability to modify the files you want is very easy.
Providing strong encryption that hides data away from intruders.
Easy to set up and use so that the interface can be easily adapted.
It works with different types of data, including images, documents, and videos.

Program size: 4.5 MB
Developer: WiseCleaner.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Free version

Download Wise Folder Hider

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