Download the YouTube Kids 2023 app direct link

Within the group of applications, Google launched a special Software for watching videos explicitly directed to children under the age of 13 and called it YouTube Kids. Its age, and the application puts in front of parents a set of important features for managing content, controlling its appearance, and filtering and targeting videos based on your desires.

The application also allows parents to control the watch hours on the phone and the application in particular, where you can organize your child's time and learn the system and do other activities instead of staying for hours with the phone and may make him give up some of the activities he actually loves, such as going out for picnics, seeing lessons and doing daily duties .

Download YouTube Kids App Direct Link

The Youtube Kids Software offers users the ability to create multiple profiles of up to 8 files, where in each profile you add private information about your child such as his age, name and other information.

And you can control the content that appears for each profile of your children, which means that you will be able to filter the results and show the appropriate videos for each of your children, and the application contains many educational videos aimed at communicating information in a very fun way so that your child can absorb and enjoy it without getting bored.

Entertaining educational content for your children

In the event that you find any content that is inappropriate for children, you can inform the application administrators so that you protect your children and the children of others from reaching them, as appropriate measures are taken as soon as they receive the report. In addition, the application’s robots work to detect abuses and remove them from YouTube for children.

Features of the YouTube Kids App Features Youtube Kids

  • The content is provided that is appropriate and enjoyable for the age of your children.
  • Control the operating hours and close the application in a specified period of time.
  • If you have more than one child, you can set up multiple personal files.
  • In the application there are a lot of cartoons and educational videos.
  • Choose the channels that your child is allowed to watch through the filtering system.
  • You can alert the application administration immediately when inappropriate content appears.

    Information about Youtube Kids app

    Software version:7.28.0
    Program size:81.4 MB
    Publisher:Google LLC.
    Program compatibility: Android 5.0 and later
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    Download Youtube Kids app

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