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Download Zoom Online Meeting Program for PC Zoom. In view of what the world has been going through recently, with the difficulty of communicating directly in order to achieve social distancing, it has become necessary to reduce direct meetings for most companies and stop many educational departments, so many computer users resort to online meetings.

The Zoom Software is one of the best Softwares that help you conduct video meetings remotely, which helps facilitate communication between the teacher and students or the company manager with the employees. In this great article, we list the features of the Software.

Download Zoom Online Meeting Program for PC Zoom The Zoom Software provides video calls to a large number of people, which reaches about a thousand people, as well as for a large period of time, up to a quarter of an hour. All over the world, the Software helps you record remote lectures and conduct meetings without the need to be in the meeting room. The Zoom Software is easy to use where you can conduct video conversations by simply installing the Software on the computer and entering the email and user name.

The Software is simple and suitable for all computer users, both professionals and beginners in dealing with the computer. The Software allows you to record meetings, which helps to send the meeting to a large number of people.

The interface of the Software is very simple as it includes the New Meeting button and when you click you can enter the meeting and it includes a Video On button to control the way the meeting is displayed. Is the meeting displayed only audio or video and the Start a Meeting button and when you press it you can start the meeting and requires entering the ID that the Software gives, The Software interface includes all the people in the meeting, the Software allows sharing audio files and images among your friends in the meeting.

Download Zoom latest version for PC The Software is free and you can download and install it without the need for fees or sums of money, you can send the address of the meeting to friends who did not attend the meeting from the first, ease of making video calls at any time and from anywhere, the videos and audio files that are recorded in the Software are characterized by high quality with clear sound and image purity.

The Software includes a lot of built-in tools that allow many participants in the meeting to share their screens at the same time in addition to writing comments to make the meeting more interactive. And putting attendance on hold, you can record your meetings and send them to meeting members via the electronic cloud.

Zoom features: Conducting remote video meetings and the video includes a large number of people.
The duration of the video meetings provided by the Software is large and supports many different operating systems.
Easy to use, simple and free, the Software maintains privacy and you can encrypt meetings.
Record videos in high quality and the ability to send meetings via the electronic cloud.

Software version: Zoom 5.11.3
The Software's official website
Program size: 12.6 MB
Software License: Free
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