Software for Burning Windows on USB flash Rufus 2023

Rufus is one of the most used tools in the process of transferring copies of operating systems to flash disks, where you can install the system from them easily. This is an alternative to the process of installing Windows or Linux from CDs. What distinguishes the new method is the speed where you can shorten a lot of time compared to other traditional methods. The Software is easy to use and setup as it does not require experience in the field. You can transfer the operating system to a flash disk and install it smoothly.

By using this Software, you can create a self-booting flash drive after connecting it to the computer and restarting. The installation interface will appear. You will have to configure the system and install it in the correct way. After choosing the storage medium, you must transfer files from it because the Software will reformat and thus delete all data and transfer system files. It gives you a choice between the file system NTFS, FAT and FAT32, and we point out an important point that you have to change the boot settings to the flash disk in order to complete the installation process.

Rufus provided distinguished solutions in transferring different operating systems such as Windows, Linux and others. It is enough that the copy be in the ISO format and choose it from the Software interface to be decompressed and transferred to the flash drive. If you have a CD containing the system copy, you will have to compress it using a compression application such as 7 zip The transfer speed depends on the type of flash you have. If it is the third generation, the process will take a few seconds, and the installation of the system on the hard disk will take a short time.

The space that must be available in the flash is according to the system that you want to install if it is Windows 7 and above, the storage capacity must be more than 4 GB. The Software is very useful for some users who have laptops, as some of them are no longer available It includes a CD / DVD reader, in sum, the Rufus application is one of the free Softwares that provide the ability to install Windows from a flash disk in order to save time in the formatting process.

Features of the Software for burning and copying Windows on the flash: Features Rufus
Transferring copies of different operating systems Windows and Linux.
It formats with a choice of file system.
The installation process using a flash disk is often fast.
Transfer the necessary files to become USB flash drives support self-boot.
An easy-to-use graphic interface that is completely uncomplicated.
Supports various international languages, including replaces and English.
Fast copying of operating systems, which shortens a lot of time.

Program size: 1.36 MB
Publisher: Pete Batard.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: Complimentary

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