Download AdGuard for PC 2023 to block ads for free

Download AdGuard for PC helps you block annoying pop-ups and adware while browsing the Internet. Adguard will also significantly increase the speed of your PC.

Annoying adware is present in almost all websites nowadays. This is especially frustrating for people who use computers often and need to focus on their work. AdGuard is the best ad blocker for PC. It is designed to allow users to block all spyware while offering a clean and simple browsing interface.

Download AdGuard for PC 2023 to block ads for free

Download AdGuard for PC

Block pop-up ads on Google Chrome

Adguard allows you to surf the web without being interrupted by ads. Downloading an ad blocker for PC quickly speeds up the download process.

Adguard works by bypassing normal ad blocking and blocks promotional videos, multimedia and non-standard ads. Ed Gard also has the ability to detect animations, pop-ups, and ads from Facebook.

How to remove ads permanently from computer

Adguard can be downloaded fully with all popular browsers, including Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome and other web browsers. It increases efficiency once you get to the website.

The Software speeds up web browsing and reduces bandwidth, so you can save more time. Adguard increases efficiency when accessing the website using any browser.

Download ad removal software for pc

Adguard for PC Full Download helps protect users from phishing attacks and malicious websites. You will be notified if you visit dangerous websites. The anti-phishing database includes millions of sites, and is updated regularly.

Adguard blocks access from all ad networks that aim to spread viruses. This combination provides comprehensive security that is unmatched by any online solution.

Adguard works with the Web of Trust to ensure that users are always aware of the reputation of the sites they visit. As such, Adguard can be used to block ads to protect your device from malicious websites and online phishing ads.

Protect privacy with AdGuard

Users' computers can sometimes be used to track their online activities and collect data. Most people think that clearing their browser history and deleting junk mail will help protect their data. Some data recovery tools can easily find all internet habits.

Adguard can block trackers and computer user tracking analysis system. It also helps block third-party cookies. AdGuard can change the IP address, protect personal data, and provide many other features.

Parental control support

Children's use of the Internet is increasing and its popularity is increasing. This network environment, although with many positive aspects, can cause irreparable harm to young children. Many parents have sought safe ways to prevent their children from accessing harmful content on the Internet.

Adguard for PC is a great solution if you are in this situation. It will prevent your kids from accessing inappropriate websites, remove inappropriate websites from search results and give you customizable blacklists for parents to control their web experience.

Internet acceleration

AdGuard speeds up the internet connection and allows users to customize their web browsing experience to suit their needs. Adguard is also useful for users who use a 3G or other limited connection to browse the web.

Adguard allows users to configure websites according to their needs. Just look at the bottom right corner when browsing the internet and you will see the Adguard button. This allows you to modify the site's configuration to suit your preferences, remove unwanted items, or report problems to the site.

The Software has a simple interface and an extended version for more advanced users. It contains two main parts: the protection unit and the mounting area. You can easily turn on or off the comprehensive protection mode. You can also turn individual security features on or off such as blocking ads or browsing and resetting statistics.

How to install AdGuard

  • When the download is finished, press the play button shown in the downloads bar or click on the file name adguardInstaller.exe.
  • A User Account Control box will appear asking you to allow the app to make changes to your PC. Click Yes.
  • Next, select the folder in which you want to install the application.
  • Wait for the installation process to finish and then click Finish.
  • Once the installation is complete, you will be able to learn more about the main features of the Software. You can start your tour by clicking here
  • Click Let's Get Started! To adjust the main parameters step by step. You can skip this step by pressing leave as is.

Information about downloading AdGuard to block annoying ads

📀 Program nameAdGuard
📥 Program Size102.4 KB
🏢 software developerAdGuard Team
📁 classificationprotection Softwares
💡 software versionV 7.10.2
🌐 Program languagemultilanguage
💿 Software LicenseTrial
🖥️ Operating SystemsWindows All


AdGuard is an excellent Software that has all the features you need to improve your internet experience. Adguard can also be used to locate and remove viruses from your computer.

Download AdGuard for PC

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