Download Avast Mobile Security Antivirus for Android 2023 direct link

Download Avast Antivirus for Android Avast Mobile SecurityAvast Mobile Security is a powerful anti-malware of all kinds, as it makes it far from the Android installed in your phone through leading technologies in the field of protection, and the application remains with its strength and expertise trustworthy so that your application is in the deterrence of threats and multi-source threats.

The application works around the clock in securing your phone, keeping your information away from hackers and hackers, and making hacking operations unattainable when it comes to bypassing Avast Antivirus for Android.

Avast Antivirus offers powerful features in addition to protection and destruction of malicious files, including the feature of aggregated reports on the status of applications and the amount of time you spend on each application. Fi you are connecting from and secure your connection so that you are not prey to hackers within the network.
Malicious files and their types

Download Avast Mobile Security Antivirus for Android 2023 direct link

The aim of malicious software and files is to harm your Android system directly, either by sabotaging or stealing personal data. Malicious files are divided into several types, including keyloggers, viruses, and Trojan horses.
Data theft and hack

Without protection Softwares, you will be an easy and clear target for many types of malicious software, including spyware, where they can steal information and personal data and may even leak your bank accounts and social networking accounts that you work with, and this may lead to penetration and damage to you as our personal accounts are important It is large and we do not accept anyone hacking it.

Download Avast Mobile Security Antivirus for Android 2023 direct link
Download Avast Mobile Security Antivirus for Android 2023 direct link

On the web, there are many malicious websites and web pages that may use some security holes in order to infiltrate one of the malicious Softwares to your phone and thus help in hacking and penetration. For this reason, Avast for Android has been provided with a wide range of powerful technologies that filter websites and block harmful ones automatically. .
Check installed apps and games

After installing Avast on your phone and setting it up, its first task will be a complete cleaning of all harmful files deposited in your system. It also scans installed applications and games, and if any malicious codes or processes are detected in the background, the danger will be curbed and removed.
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Analysis of files downloaded from the Internet

In most cases, we may download some Softwares or other files from the web, and the latter may involve limitless risks, so Avast Antivirus for Android will automatically scan these files downloaded from the Internet, as well as those that you receive through chat Softwares and e-mail services.
Cleaning and optimization feature

Avast for Android offers a multi-cleaning feature for all redundant and unimportant files from your phone, which makes you save more space to use in storage and install your favorite applications, and the feature also contributes to improving the system.
Secure photos through the vault

A great feature, which is the photo vault, and this last one will make you enjoy the utmost privacy from the process of transferring personal photos to your own vault and can be viewed only by entering the password, fingerprint or pattern that you set previously.

Download Avast Mobile Security Antivirus for Android 2023 direct link

Avast for Android collects complete reports on the system status of your phone and also sends you data regarding the security status, the number of malicious software and websites that have been dealt with, and you can also view additional information and reports other than security reports.

The application also offers the possibility of protecting the passwords recorded on your phone, as they are encrypted by the best algorithms in the field, which makes the possibility of hacking them impossible and extremely difficult, and you can follow all the passwords that have been saved on your phone.
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Program size: 41.0 MB
Publisher: Avast Software.
Program compatibility: Android
License: Complimentary

Download Avast Mobile Security for Android Antivirus

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