Download Baidu PC Faster 2023 Free

Download Baidu PC Faster 2023 Free Full Antivirus and Speed ​​Up Your Computer
Today I present to you a very wonderful Software to protect against viruses, as well as speed up your computer, free download and with a direct link. A very good Software for a safe and fast computer
Download Baidu PC Faster 2023 Free

Full Scan
Comprehensive computer scan
A comprehensive scan and scan of all files on the disk. By scanning all files in the computer system one by one and eliminating any viruses that can destroy or cause damage to system files

Custom Scan
Custom Scan
The user is given the freedom to choose specific areas for scanning and scanning. A scan of a specific file can also be performed quickly by clicking the right mouse button directly.

Internet Scan
Scan to check the security settings for surfing the Internet
It checks browsers and network settings in order to prevent any virus or trojan from stealing users' account and privacy.

Game Scan
scan games
It scans game software to get rid of any virus or trojan hidden in it to ensure that you can enjoy the game safely.

Baidu PC Faster
Free antivirus software
any threats and speed up your computer's performance
1Provides safety and security features and capabilities
Viruses and any threats
2Advanced technology to provide continuous and intelligent protection
Professionalism and the ability to react quickly against any threat
3 Thanks to cloud protection technology, the Software recognizes
Always have the latest viruses

And now with the Software download
Software name Baidu PC Faster 2023
The Software works on Windows: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
The Software's official website
Software version number 5.1.3
The size of the Software is 1.53MB
The Software is free
Last modified date 2023

click here to download

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