Download KMPlayer 2023 latest version for free

KMPlayer 2023 is a Software that plays videos and audio files and carries many tools, services and features that help in everything the user needs. The Software is a free, open source distributed under the GNU General Public License. The interface of KMPlayer is easy to use and doesn't have a lot of complicated options.

There are only a few buttons, which are the same buttons you've been using all your life for everything Play Pause, Pause, etc. In addition, an additional feature of this Software is that it sets up quickly, works quickly and steadily and does all that without the need for a lot of computer resources and is compatible with various Windows systems. The user interface contains only the necessary buttons.

 This does not mean that the Software is limited to this function because there are a lot of Functions and options that are not simply displayed through the user interface, as the Software offers its own code that allows playing the different media files on the side. Your computer supports 3GP, AVI, ASF, FLV, Matroska, MOV, MP3, Avi and many other formats. 

The Software also supports various types of subtitles such as Bluray and DVB. The Software comes with support for more than 192 video formats and 85 Softwares. Audio codec, so it can play some of the most popular formats, and the Software is easy to install and comes with three different minimum installation modes, which only includes the user interface and there is an advanced mode that allows for a complete installation that includes MPUI and SMPlayer with all the necessary codecs, and MPlayer helps users in Play media files easily and simply, download the Software now for free
Download KMPlayer 2023 latest version for free

* KMPlayer 2023 is characterized by providing you with the ability to play CD / DVD / VCD files to watch videos and movies

* The Software is characterized as being light on the computer and works in compatibility with various graphics cards, nvidia, Radeon and asus, and provides better performance, the better the video card

* The Software features that all functions are displayed in a few menus that include media playback controls (play/pause/forward/rewind) and capabilities to create playlists

* The Software is characterized by its support for subtitles, keyboard shortcuts, the ability to take screenshots, its fast response and lighting system sources make it ideal for both the novice and the expert user, as it is completely free and easy to use The application offers a comprehensive way to play all your media formats

And now with the Software download
Program name KMPlayer 2023
The publisher's website
The size of the Software is 47MB
Free license
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

To download the 32-bit Software, click here
To download the 64-bit Software, click here

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