Download Nitro PDF 2023 Nitro for PC

Download Nitro PDF 2023 Nitro for PC Nitro PDF is a Software to run electronic books and magazines and is one of the important Softwares that offers a full range of editing functions where you can easily modify PDF files by changing texts, adding images and graphics, adding titles in various fonts and colors, and also supports the possibility of copying And pasting from documents to Word and Excel, the Software is very popular around the world as it is used by millions in editing and running books with the PDF extension.

Nitro PDF is characterized by a large number of functions that are used to operate scientific books and lessons for the benefit of students, where you can reduce and enlarge texts for better reading. Rights By adding a watermark containing the name of the author or the organization affiliated with it, we can say that Nitro PDF is one of the most powerful Softwares in the field.

Download Nitro PDF 2023 Nitro for PC

Download Nitro PDF 2023 Nitro for PC
The Software’s functions are presented within an elegant, easy-to-use interface that allows the user a unique experience in modifying documents and displaying them in more professional ways and does not require much experience in dealing with the functions of the application, the Software installs its own extension on famous browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to run electronic documents within a page The Software works with various versions of Windows, including XP/7/8/10.

Moreover, you can keyboard shortcuts to control files such as reducing or increasing the page or changing between pages and this saves you a lot of effort and time. You can control various functions directly from the keyboard, you can edit any PDF file quite easily by inserting the file from the list Or relying on the flexible drag and drop technology to add files, in the end I would like to say that Nitro PDF is one of the distinguished Softwares in reading and modifying PDF files that can be used by any user.

Download Nitro PDF 2023 Nitro for PC

Features of Nitro PDF Features Nitro PDF

Displaying different types of e-books with PDF extension.
Important features in editing such as the inclusion of text, images and graphics.
Control the Software's properties through keyboard shortcuts.
Copy and paste the contents from the page into other editors.
Multiple options for printing such as specifying the number and position of the pages.
Play the pages scanned by the scanner.
Save rights by adding watermarks to books.
Add beautiful frames to decorate your pages of the Software.
It comes with a browser-specific component that enables you to play books directly on the browser.
An elegant interface that does not contain many complications, the user can navigate between the Software's functions smoothly.
Supports many international languages, including English, French and Spanish.

Program size: 240 MB
Publisher: Nitro Software, Inc.
Program compatibility: Windows versions
License: experimental copy

Download Nitro PDF 2023 Nitro for PC

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