Why is Safari browser the best on iPhone and iPad?

On the App Store, there are many Internet browsers available for use, including popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and many others. Despite that, Apple's default Safari browser remains the most appropriate browser for any user on Apple devices, whether iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Why is Safari browser the best on iPhone and iPad?

External browsers .. a question mark!

The Internet browser is one of the indispensable applications on the device, as it is your window to the world of the Internet outside of social networking sites.

We usually use internet browsers to search for things that interest us, and browsers collect a lot of data about us and don't prevent the different websites you visit from fingerprinting and tracking you. This data is very important and may breach your privacy and be used against you for advertising purposes.

Google and Microsoft, for example, have advertising services directly linked to them, and a large part of the work of these advertising services depends on the data provided by their browsers, so cookies are not prevented from tracking the user.

Even independent browsers such as Firefox receive the most support from Google, since its search engine is the default search engine in the browser, so Google shares some profits with its developer, Mozilla, every year, and this represents the largest part of the browser's funding, and this relationship is in question.

Safari browser .. it is different with Apple

Apple is basically a technology company that has products that it sells in the market and reap profits from and it also has some paid services, so its business model is not based primarily on Internet ads like Google.

For this reason, Apple's interest in privacy and security in its devices that it sells to the consumer can be logical and understandable, and the same applies to its Safari browser.

Security features of the Safari browser

Previously, Safari might not have been the best browser compatible with all Internet standards, but recently, in recent years, it has witnessed many developments in terms of performance, interface, and security features.

In the Safari browser, there is an Intelligent Tracking Protection feature since 2017, which prevents websites from tracking you and accessing the IP of your device, and it also gives a detailed report about this known as the Privacy Report.

There is also an in-browser password manager with the ability to check passwords and alert the user if the password has been leaked online in hacks.

There is also an incognito browsing feature that allows you to visit websites without logging any data.

Safari browser is updated periodically for security purposes and in order to improve the performance experience, and every year there is a big update with the annual system update as is the case in the latest iOS 16 update.

All of the above are the reasons why Safari is the best browser on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Safari is not available on any devices other than Apple devices.

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