What are five alternative cryptocurrencies that can yield a 100x return by the end of 2023?

This is the largest Oracle. Oracles are required for DeFi data initiatives to perform properly. Already, DeFi projects are using LINK. Real use case.

BAND is LINK's greatest rival.

SNX – dominant descendant DeFi protocol. The derivatives market has enormous potential.

INJ is the first decentralised derivatives exchange in history. TESLA stock options are already available on its test market. Still very low market capitalization. Big potential in a bull run cycle.

AAVE is the oldest and biggest DeFi protocol for lending and borrowing. Actual use case now.

MKR - most dominating DeFi stablecoin protocol. The OCC recently permitted banks to employ stablecoins.

UNI - most successful and biggest decentralised DEX. Occasionally, volume exceeds centralised exchanges.

ETH need no explanation. Superior layer 1 blockchain. The vast majority of all blockchain transactions. 2.0 coming soon. Global computer. Currently, Digitl is taking on additional sectors, including NFTs, next-generation internet, and AI. Skynet under development. In the far future, we may need the terminator to rescue us from ethereum.

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